Monday, September 18, 2017

Elder Gay (9/18/17)

So much has happened this week, yet it seems like we almost did nothing. The week started off with Pday where we went to Hitsujigaoka observation hill. Or in understanble language the Boy's Be Ambitious statue. It was still as fun as the first time. Probably because I had the chance to eat Ezo prefecture deer. I must say that deer is actually pretty good, but still second to horse. Then Tuesday was eaten up by our district meeting, travel, and Eikaiwa (English class). Wednesday was even weirder. We had lunch with a member and when we get there there's like 10 people (members and less-actives) there. It was kind of packed. We taught the message of the restoration which was nice though. Then we had interviews with our mission President which was supposed to be at 4 but ended up being pushed back until 6. So we were at the mission office all after noon seeing how we had to take a train at around 2:30 to get there on time and didn't get home until 8:30.

Thursday was the same craziness that it always is. We had our weekly planning session and Ward mission council. I also got a 30 minute lesson from our ward mission leader on Japanese. He pointed out to me where I was making mistakes and gave me some suggestions of what to study to improve. He really wants to see my grammar cleaned up. He says as soon as I do that I will be Japanese because the rest of my Japanese is so good. At the same time it's so good that it makes my current mistakes worse because then people don't know if I'm really making a mistake or not and get confused. Or in other words I lost my foreigner powers because the rest of my Japanese is too high level. XP 

Then Friday was mostly a normal day. It was all normal until Eiken English class. Our Ward mission leader brought in a new book for us to use to help people practice reading and writing. We also have a member who is a proctor of the Eiken exam who was taking notes on our teaching the whole time (because we asked him to, so we could improve). Then Saturday was EVEN WEIRDER! Normal day except that it kind of wasn't. The day started out with us trying to fix the sisters punctured tires and somehow I ended up sweeping rocks out of the parking lot of their apartment complex. I also ended up being the one to fix the punctures because my companion gave up. X3 Then we went and housed in a town kind of far away and couldn't even make it through one block (which is a good thing)  because we spent most of the time talking to this one lady about the missionary lessons. Then we had to head back to the Apartment to change to go to a broadcast of a meeting of Elder Gay. And it was absolutely amazing. We also had Stake conference the next day and got to hear another talk by Elder Gay. And now we are in the middle of a typhoon. Wish I had more time to talk about what I learned form Elder Gay but running out of time so if anyone has any questions feel free to ask.


Elder Harvey

Thursday, September 14, 2017

花火‼️‼️‼️❣️ (Fireworks) (9/11/17)

今週花火ありましたよ!There were FIREWORKS THIS WEEK!!! This week has been super busy and super awesome and I don't even know where or how to begin!

We had a zone activity of which I have no pictures haha. It was super fun and had a bunch of awesome activities. Then we met an awesome PI (potential investigator) who said he wants to read the BoM (Book of Mormon) with us! Tuesday we went to a college and got the people there to post our English class flyers throughout campus which was really nice of them. And we taught an American about the Gospel. Wednesday we went up to Toubetsu and I found Japanese Fruit by the foot!!!! I was absolutely ecstatic about that one. We also officially got a Less-active member into activity and handed him over to the ward. Thursday we set up for an activity on Saturday and set up for a last minute idea of a church tour to be going on during the activity. 

Friday we had Mission tour! Elder Gay (the new area president over the Asia north area) came and talked to us. It was absolutely amazing! I wish I had a video of it to rewatch!  We talked a lot about the prophecy that Elder Eyring made about 19 years ago. Now with an addition of a temple in Hokkaido this land is just waiting to explode with missionary work! Normally temples have 17 stakes to fill them, but currently we only have 3. And some of the branches have as few as 6 members.  Though I am certain we are about to see a really big change here. 

Saturday we had an swap-meet like thing. It doesn't really translate well. Basically bring unused stuff and take other people's unused stuff. We also had an awesome miracle this day as well. It was late at night and we were going to visit a PI when we felt an impression to go to a member's house on the way. The members were good and we talked with them and got fed suddenly which is always nice but when we left we weren't really sure why we went  Then we went to the PI's house and there was no one home :(  Right as we were unlocking our bike this man comes walking down the street and introduces himself as the husband of the house. He takes us along to where his family and 2 other families are watching the fireworks. We had a really great time talking with them and have a strong possibility of teaching these families! We also made the understanding that among the people we first met was the wife of the house and a different family was there visiting who we thought were the people who lived at the house. ANYWAY, the fireworks were spectacular. There was one that was making waves with the colors changing, really impressive.

I love you all very much,

Elder Harvey

Themed pictures for the activity.  First theme is sports/funny.  Theme of second picture is super powers (ours was running fast).

Mission Conference (Zach is center of top row)

Food for Mission Conference

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

It's been a while.... (9/4/17)

Sorry about last week.  We were running around like chickens with our heads cut off. Trying to first even get a train to get to emails and then had to shop and make a subsequent 2 trains. Though we were fortunate enough to be invited over to dinner that night. Sadly enough I am running low on time......again. Big things that happened this week is that we picked up an old investigator who wants to be baptized. We got a really old investigator picked up and showed him what prayer was like for the first time. I gave a priesthood blessing which increased the desire of the person who wants to be baptized to be baptized. He quit smoking. We had a huge party last night with members at which I made peanut butter banana bread. Other than that it has been a lot of finding recently but people are starting to come out of the woodwork!

I love you all and hope you can see the blessings in your lives!


Elder Harvey

I haven't had blow pops or gum for that matter for over a year now. Needless to say I had a ball! 

Hi!!! (8/31/17)


This week was great have literally no time so.....sorry


Elder Harvey

With mission president and companion.

Zach is back row, 4th from the right.

Top center.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Transfers!! and a wedding (8/21/17)

Ok I need to be quick on this one.  Spent a bit too much time on other emails. Haha

Tuesday: We did Eikaiwa and had dinner at an investigators house. We did this super Japanese thing where ramen noodles go down this thing of bamboo while water is running down. I have to say, I thought I was good at using chopsticks until I had this challenge. I also got to feed my companion a bunch of Japanese delicacies while he was blindfolded for his good-bye Eikaiwa. It was a ton of fun though I felt bad about the fish guts marinated in salt.

Wed: Kind of a normal day. We met with a less-active member which was really nice and set up an appointment to have him meet with the bishop this last Sunday! Also he went to church for the third time in a row so he is officially an active member!! WHOOO!

Thursday: I said goodbye to my companion Elder Bachman and said hello to my new senior companion Elder Schulze. He was also my district leader back in Iwamizawa when I was with Elder Seki. Elder Schulze is an amazing missionary. He is transfer 16 (though he has 17 transfers because he was fast tracked in the MTC) and is from South Jordan Utah.  It really is a small world after all. Well, for Mormons that is.

Friday: We tried to meet a bunch of people this day and had our Eiken class. It went really well and we have three gaijin (foreigners) in our area now.  Sister Nakazawa transferred out and a sister named Sister Reynolds came in.

Saturday: We were at a wedding reception pretty much all day. Two people from our ward got married which was amazing! It's weird how the second wedding reception I've been to was in Japan. It went really well and we sang "when there is love at home" The bride's name is Ai which means love so there were obviously a lot of puns floating around. I also got to see Elder Seki and one of the Koyama's from Moiwa. I pretty much spent the whole night just walking around and talking to almost every member in our ward.

Sunday: Had a lunch party for the wedding peoples because there were a ton of visitors. We also went to a super rural part of our area to find and talked to a super cool family that might have interact.

Oh, and I'm still in Shinoro,

Love you all,

Elder Harvey

BBQ in the rain! (8/14/17)

Hey everybody this week flashed by so fast! It's hard to believe that it's already been a week since last week's email but a ton happened this week! In short we ate a lot of food this week haha. 

Monday: We finally got asked to do service by a member; it was great! We pulled weeds in their backyard. Well more like this tiny garden like thing. People don't have back or front yards in Japan. Though we pulled a ton of weeds it seems like just because of how big the weeds were. Literally some of them were half my height. Then we got fed dinner by them which was super nice of them! 

Tuesday: We did a lot of stuff on Tuesday I feel but really not a whole lot to write. We had Eikaiwa (English class) which was a blast. We also had the Free Family English thing a little before that and we made this dish called Monja.  It's really hard to explain, like really hard to explain. Though it was super good! And instead of your normal utensils you eat it with this super mini spatulas.

Wednesday: We had our first Zone Conference with President McClure! It was super bomb. We talked a lot about finding but it just flowed super well this time. Everyone could really tell the difference in this zone conference. To say the least we are super lucky to have gotten President McClure as a Mission President. We also had a lesson with a less-active member which went super well. We had a member there and everything just flowed super naturally. 

Thursday: We had the usual DCS, DKK (planning meeting) and the Kudou family's lesson. Though this week the lesson went super well. The sisters talked about the atonement of Jesus Christ. They did the example where they make a drink (they had mayo, ketchup, bulldog sauce, goma dressing, and other salad dressing) by having everyone choose whatever they want to put in as their "sins".  Then the sister junior companion drank it like it was nothing. Absolutely downed it without stopping or gagging and just continued to teach. But not only that but we had 2 members and the spirit was super strong throughout the whole lesson. 

Friday: We did service for a different member. This time we pretty much helped move stuff. They had this shed like thing in which they had a TON of junk. We ended up moving all of it out and sweeping out the place (though we just happened to find a broom on our own and I was like IMMA SWEEP) Though the real hard part was the massive numbers of spiders. I kid you not hundreds of spiders. We also did Eiken which went pretty well this time. 

SATURDAY! We had a BBQ. So we had planned this thing for weeks. Little did we know though that not only did it rain but it was near the O-bon holiday. O-bon is like respect for the dead day. It is a HUGE HUGE holiday here. Basically a ton of places are closing down for the week because everyone goes to the grandparents house. Though despite rain and O-bon we went through undaunted and a bunch of members and some non-members came. It was absolutely great! Needless to say I ate my stomach's full.

So he is using an air compressor to heat up the coals. On the grill closer to the camera it got so hot that the black coating on the bottom of the grill melted off. Oh, also this is by far my favorite member in this branch. He is SO nice and is kind of like our grandpa. 


Sunday: We had church which was really sad. Elder Bachman's last of everything it seemed like. He also gave a farewell talk which was really sad. Though overall it was an amazing day. We talked with a bunch of members.  Practiced with the Primary to Sing Love at home for the wedding reception this saturday and made a bunch of plans with members. We also had dinner at the Miharas (the 2 that are getting married) It was a blast. The sisters gave a lesson on faith. Before the video started the mans mother and wife-to-be kept flinching and saying don't do it. It was super funny. 


More Matsuris!! (8/7/17)

This week has been a blast!!! SO MUCH happened this week so I will try to write what I can.

Monday: It was raining so we walked around for 3 hours for dendo. It also turned out that one of our best investigators just up and moved away on us .   :(

Tue: We made crepes at an investigators house. It was a ton of fun and we totally messed up at the start. I have vids! We also had Eikaiwa (English class) which went really well. Though we had to do it upstairs because they were preparing for a funeral where we usually do Eikaiwa.

Wed: I was on splits in the Higashi area! It was super rad. We went to a bunch of members houses and gave short lessons on our area plan. We also tried to visit some other people but no one else was home. Me and Elder Yamazaki also had ramen for dinner and I had some weird spicy Chinese ramen. Completely forgot the name of the ramen but it was delicious.

Thursday: We had our normal weekly planning and such but a miracle happened after! The family that we usually do English and missionary lessons fed us. And not just any normal food, they fed us COSTCO PIZZA!!!!!! It was the first real pizza I have had since being in Japan. They were shocked by how large it was but it was a normal American L size. With the 10 of us we only ate a little under a pizza and a half. I have come to realize just how unhealthy American diets are.

Friday:I cant really remember what happened this day other than Eiken class. Oh, also we made paper hearts to do heart attacks for some members.

Saturday: Went to a matsuri (Japanese festival) this day. It was an absolute blast! We had an investigator introducing us to a ton of people which went super well! We also talked to a bunch of people on our own. Heart attacked an Eikaiwa student for his birthday and danced with all the people at the matsuri. The last one was especially great because it was a dance that really only older people do. Though as we went around in this circle so many teenage girls were going absolutely crazy that we were gaijin doing that dance. I saw at least a hundred different phones taking videos. After that we also got so many thanks from the older people (and a couple of awkward hugs) for dancing with them. I have a ton of videos so here you go!!!

Sunday: We had church, interviews with the mission president and dinner with some members.

Love you all!

Elder Harvey