Thursday, November 16, 2017

Transfer week! (11/6/17)

Hey everyone! I hope all of your guys' weeks was amazing! My week has been really awesome and really busy! A lot of changes have come as probably many of you have seen already. So This last Wednesday was our zone conference and a lot of things have changed in this mission. I was super excited for all the changes and even more excited when I heard what they really are. One of the biggest things is that we have been approved to use social media such as Facebook. We will be using these new tools to be teaching people more effectively. It is especially helpful for Japan, almost everyone is on Facebook or Line (basically Skype)! We are already seeing tons of miracles from this.

We also have a new focus on finding people through teaching people about Joseph Smith's experience in praying to God for the first time.  It is really touching to see how people react to the message and how powerful of a message it is. The Holy Ghost is so present teaching these people that they have a loving Heavenly Father who wants them to come to know him.

So as such a lot of this week has been setting up these new social media tools and trying to find new people. Though there have been a lot of other cool things. Like we had Stake conference this week! It was amazing, and all the talks were awesome and talked a lot about missionary work. Another big change was that we have been asked by the Mission President to go to the Saturday Adult session. The Stake Patriarch really got on everyone and related a talk about how all the missionaries were pulled out of Europe at one point and how the members need to step up. It was a really great talk to end the session. Then we tried to get home but a bunch of things happened, first we missed our train by literally 3 seconds. Then to try to get back before 10 O'clock we took a super fast train and then waited at the platform only to find out our train had been specially switched to the track we wanted so we missed another train. Unfortunately, we did not make it back before 10 O'clock. X/ 

We also had a birthday party for the other Elders as their birthdays were the 3rd and 4th. It was a lot of fun! We had a dinner party with an investigator family and some members. We also had a movie night where we showed Meet the Mormons in Japanese. It was a pretty good turn out of investigators and members. It was really interesting watching it all dubbed in Japanese, and understanding all of it. :3 In all it was a really good week! There were a ton of miracles as we taught about the message of the restoration. Truly it is a special message that rings into every person's heart.

I love you all and hope you all have a great week. Oh, and transfers are this week. Pretty sure I will be transferring out and my companion will get a new missionary. 10 new English speaking Elders are coming in. In all 17 new missionaries will be arriving tomorrow! What a great time to be a missionary here in Hokkaido!


Elder Harvey

Halloween party, Baptism, and Tequila (10/30/17)

Hey everyone this week has been super crazy just as the title sounds!

So much happened since I last wrote. This week started off with super crunch time to get our Halloween party ready on time for Saturday.

Though all of our hard work has really paid off. It went super well and everyone was super happy that they were there. Especially since one of the Elders in my apartment was dressed up as a beloved children's character named Doraemon. Everyone was asking him for pictures. Even on the way home to the apartment (which is a train ride away) a bunch of people stopped us for pictures. We had a haunted house, Minute to Win It games, Trunk or Treat and we did a flash mob of the Thriller dance. 

We also had a sudden baptism the next Sunday.  We were told about it on Tuesday and we all freaked out. It was one mom of an investigator family. It went really well. She has such a strong testimony and the whole proceeding was just amazing. Also this week we went to some member and investigator families school festival thingy. The 4th graders were doing a musical trip into America. They played My Old Kentucky Home, and Tequila. They were super good. We also had 5th grader and 6th grader people so we watched those and we were all just blown away. The 5th graders played some awesome music like Pirates of the Caribbean (they even played on Accordions) and the 6th graders did a play. In all it was a super great week! 

Also today is my Zone conference and we will be doing training for social media!  I am so looking forward to using these amazing tools for dendo! We are getting something called Line which is going to be so awesome! Anyway Love you guys and hope you all have a great week!


Elder Harvey

Temple P-day (10/25/17)

This week was crazy, maybe I'll have time next week to tell you guys all about it. Haha. But seriously though I have run out of time. Just wanted to write you all that I love you guys and know that God loves you all. He is always looking out for you and trying to reach out to you and those around you. Truly as you follow the spirit's promptings you will be doing a greater good than you can begin to understand. 

Oh also it snowed this last Monday. Well, more like a blizzard/typhoon.  Started as a typhoon but ended as a blizzard. Anyway we had to walk through the typhoon/blizzard to go get influenza vaccine. I absolutely love Hokkaido with all its crazy though. Turned out to actually be a fun trip despite the particles of ice ripping at your skin. Then we took a taxi home... Basically the blizzard got worse and we were like oh no. Truly a good decision if I say so myself. Also I won't be writing until next TUESDAY because I will be going up/down? to Muroran for Zone things. Love you all


Elder Harvey

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Soccer, at night (10/16/17)

Hey everyone, I hope all y'all guys' weeks were great! Things here are going really great! This definitely has been one of the most interesting areas I have had so far on my mission. Probably also the biggest in terms of where we actually go to proselytize. :) I am so thankful we still have bikes, I am not looking forward to another walking winter.

Though a lot of changes are coming up soon so this winter will be VERY different than last winter. Though none of it is quite all that official. On another note this week has been super interesting. We had a bunch of appointments this week so we were super pumped.  Unfortunately somehow they all fell through but we still made the best out of things and tried to find more people. WE even got stopped as we were stopping people to talk to. We were just walking down the street when we were stopped by a missionary of another religion. We had a really interesting talk with him about how our religions were actually very similar. It also turns out that he was a super old investigator.
Unfortunately it didn't really end up going anywhere but it was still a funny incident. It was so interesting to see how God reveals things to people to prepare them for the whole truth and how much God loves all of his children. 

On another note, I finally felt like Elder Perry.  We played soccer with a bunch of middle school kids which went really well. We gathered a bunch of investigators to go play and found some more kids to play with. By the end we made pretty good friends with them and they all want to come to the Halloween party. Though what was really funny was that we were playing Soccer around 5-7 but the entire time it was just pitch black. I had no idea who anyone was because it was so hard to see. Though in the end it still went really well. We also went to a youth member's birthday party (turned 12) and she invited a non-member and some other investigator friends. The youth here are just awesome missionaries already. In all this week went super and was a ton of fun.

Love you all so much and hope you all have a great week.

Elder Harvey

Eniwa Chitose! (10/9/17)

Haha sorry I spent all of my time emailing a bunch if people. A lot has happened this week but not too sure what to say. Monday we visited with this awesome middle school student who we are hoping will get baptized. Tuesday we had Eikaiwa (English class) and I went to this delicious Nepal curry place called Mount Everest. Wednesday we met with this middle schooler again and taught him the plan of salvation but before we realized it, it was already 9:20 so we had to scurry on out :3 whoops, but following the spirit is always what's most important though!

Thursday we biked a ton (our area is HUGE!!!). Friday, something happened I'm sure. Saturday was General conference which was amazing and we tried to meet with a less active member but her husband doesn't really like us haha. Also General conference which was awesome! I really loved the Saturday morning session! Sunday was also General conference and we got an investigator to come to the morning session which was really great! Though we passed him over to the Japanese Elders as we were watching in English. :3 Sundays sessions were also amazing. I learned a ton but I think one of the most important things we were taught as a church was the importance of sustaining leaders.
Truly that is of absolute necessity. Even Jesus Christ was  sustained as he went through the Garden. I'm so glad to know the reality of revelations and the importance of our actions and their relationship with opening the windows of heaven larger into our lives. I hope you all had an amazing general conference too!!


Elder Harvey

Eniwa-Chitose (10/2/17)

Hey everyone! This week was transfer week! I was transferred to Eniwa-Chitose! I am still in the outskirts of Sapporo! I have yet to leave this beautiful city! Leaving Shinoro was super sad though. After being there for half a year I got to know a lot of the members really well. I really felt like a member that was moving. Though I am looking forward to serving the Lord in this new place. I am also finally back to being in a 4 elders apartment. I haven't been in one since Moiwa.  Now that was a long time ago haha.

Elder Harvey

Friday, September 29, 2017

Basketball and Splits (9/25/17)

Hey everyone this week has been a really great one but I don't really know what to talk about haha. I had splits this week with another Elder named Elder Bailey that was a lot of fun. We found a new family to teach which was really awesome! Me and Elder Schulze also found an old investigator to play basketball with. It was a lot of fun yet a little weird because neither of us have ever seen the guy before. We just texted him 2 days before and told us he would love to come. We have also were able to get him to think about taking the lessons again which was really cool. I also got to see the ward mission leader from Moiwa which was really cool. Absolutely one of my favorite members on the whole Island. We also taught a few people this week which went really well. We also biked through some really heavy rain which was kind of fun despite being on dirt back roads. Haha. I also sewed for the first time in my life so there is another mission accomplishment. Though this week really has been overall awesome. Elder Schulze and I really saw the Lord guiding us through revelation and we just happened to always be in the right place and the right time this week. In all it was a pretty cool week.


Elder Harvey