Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The Life, and the Legend (4/2/18)

Hello Everyone. I hope you had a great week! Mine was, once again really busy! This week on Thursday an old missionary came back to Wakkanai. He served here about 2 years ago and was already out of the mission by the time I first got here. He is a legendary missionary that is still being talked about from time to time. His name is Youza. He was an absolutely amazing missionary that everyone looked up too.  We had a chance to eat dinner with him and he's a way awesome guy. He just graduated Tokyo University, the best college in Japan. He has come up because he got married this past week! Woohoo!

Other than that a lot has happened. We have been able to meet with a lot of less active members and friends who are interested in our message. We also ended up playing a lot of ping pong this week too.
Our branch president absolutely loves ping pong so it helps bring him and our other friends - haha! We also were able to make a bunch of new friends this week. We have been really trying hard to make time to go out and find some new people to teach. It's really easy to just fill yourself with busy work, but we have been trying to use our time a lot more effectively. In all it was a great week!

This last Sunday was awesome, unfortunately General Conference for me is a week late but that gave us a fast Sunday on Easter which was really awesome. We had 2 less active members here this day as well. It was really cool to be able to really focus on the resurrection of the savior and how we know he really Lives! That one fact has so much importance in our eternal lives. It was a moment of eternal glory and meaning. Because he Lives, we will conquer death, because he lives, God is truly our Father in Heaven, because he lives, his teachings really lead back to God, because he lives, we can have eternal Joy with Him.

I love you all and hope you have an awesome week!
Elder Harvey

Busy, busy, busy! (3/26/18)

This week has been really awesome! We have been able to meet with a lot of people and talk with them about God. It was really great to see people's eyes light up as they saw what this all meant for them and their families! It is great to see just how much we can gain from the gospel and the blessings that come with that knowledge. I hope everyone has had a great week and will have another awesome week following!

The snow here is starting to melt which is really nice. I hope we will be on bikes soon! In this week we have walked all over the place. I feel like I've gone over our entire area land wise in just this one week! This next week is also going to be very busy but I am looking forward to it! This week we had a less active member come to church for the first time in a number of decades! It was great and he really felt the spirit! I love how church, no matter where you are in the world, can be such an amazing place!

I love you guys and hope you all have an awesome week!
Elder Harvey

Transfers! (3/19/18)

This week has been awesome! I said goodby to one of my absolute favorite companions Elder Gonzalez, he got transferred down to Hakodate! Which means I'm still up here in Wakkanai! I got a new companion from Oregon. His name is Elder Shum. He's way awesome and was trained by one of my past companions Elder Smith.

This week we spent a lot of time saying good bye to people right before Elder Gonzalez left. We even met people that I had never met before! It's absolutely crazy just how many people we have up here to teach! So of course this week has been a lot of getting Elder Shum used to the new area and going around setting up appointments! In all it has been a great week and we were able to have a few lessons too!

Things are going great here as usual! I hope you guys are all having a great week too and continue to see the Love of others in your lives!

The train ride down and back from Asahikawa took forever. Literally took all day. Unfortunately that morning I had to say goodbye to Elder Gonzalez as he took a bus. He got on the bus at 6:30 in the morning and arrived at Hakodate sometime around 10:00 at night. I felt so bad for him. Anyway I love you all and hope you continue to have a great week!

Elder Harvey

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Finally made it back!! (3/12/18)

Hey guys! I hope you all have had a great week. This week has been awesome for us! It felt so great to be back in Wakkanai with all the people I have come to love so much!

This week we were able to meet with a lot of our friends and had a lot of great discussions about the gospel. It was great to see how these people have come to learn more about Jesus Christ and their Heavenly Father while I have been here. We also met with a few less active members and got to see their testimonies start to rekindle. It was great when we showed up to one less active member and he instantly asked us to come over again to teach him this last Friday! He has such a sincere desire to know God and to feel his love. Before we could even think to ask when to meet again he had already set a date for our next appointment! I absolutely love being on the Lords errand. I know that God loves each and everyone of us and is helping us walk back towards him. He is right by our side every step of the way! I hope you guys all have a great week and are preparing for General conference! I can't wait! Oh and this week is transfers so I will be sure to tell y'all any changes.

Elder Harvey

Here are some pics of some dessert we made for a ward pot luck.  

This was my breakfast.  Take out the granola and that's what we had under the chocolate. It took way more time than first anticipated. 10/10 will not make again as a missionary. Though it was delicious the yogurt was plain yogurt with strawberry or blueberry jam mixed with raisins kiwis and banana. All in all it was a hit. Might do it again after the mission.


Did I mention that it snows a lot here?

Monday, March 12, 2018

Stranded! In another land (3/5/18)

Hey everyone I hope you all have had as interesting a week as I had!  The last time I wrote you all I was on a train down to Asahikawa.  Today I'm writing to you on a train from Asahikawa. This last week because of the two typhoons that hit Hokkaido all the trains going up to Wakkanai had stopped for the entire week! I have been stranded down in Asahikawa this whole time. It was the first time I really felt "homesick" badly here in Japan. Not for Massachusetts but for my beloved Wakkanai! Today I finally get to go home!

The week started off really well with Zone activity. The really awesome part about it was all you can eat half cooked meat and just meeting up with a bunch of friends. The next day was Zone Conference which was also really amazing! I learned a ton about testimonies and faith. Another big theme of the week that I learned was to trust in the Lord with all of our hearts. I have really come to know that the Lord has a perfect plan for us and knows the whole playing board. It was a little tough this week not being able to go back to our area but at the same time I knew that the Lord knew better than I did. As I held trust in that I felt way less stressed about it and I could feel the spirits confirmation that the Lord loves his children and does everything for them in a perfect timing.

This week, despite our futile trips to the train station, we could not go home. So instead we just ended up spending the week proselytizing in Suehiro, which is the Stake center area for Asahikawa. It was really great and I felt I talked with a lot of people that the Lord was putting in my way. It was amazing to see the work that would have otherwise not have happened had I gone to Wakkanai being fulfilled before my eyes. Truly I felt that the Lord works in mysterious but correct ways to the succoring of his children. I even met a member that was in the same mission (London England) as someone from my school (Wesley Andrews)! During my 4 years at that school there were only 4 other members besides myself.  It was crazy to see just how small the world is!

I also got to attend sacrament meeting in Suehiro which was pretty nice. It was interesting to be at a sacrament meeting as a missionary where I was only visiting. Certainly, and hopefully, a once in a lifetime experience.

I hope you all can continue to see God's influence in your lives. I know that he loves you as one of his children. He has come to know you personally and has forged a bond of love that is very deep. He cares for you and is continuously calling you to help you find that bond of love. I know that his plan is perfect and that he will not lead us wrong when we follow him.

I love you all!
Elder Harvey

Pictures from Zone Conference

Another crazy week in Wakkanai! (2/26/18)

Hey everyone I hope your guys week has been awesome! I spent most of this week being sick but we still got a lot done this week! We visited with all the members this week, they have been super nice to me and really helped me out with my cold. We really feel that the members here are super strong!

We have been able to meet with a lot of people this week too! We have also made new investigators out of a members friends! It's great because they all hold a lot of interest in the Bible. They have even been meeting with the Jehovah witnesses. Though we really felt they are super prepared to hear the message! One more interesting thing happened this week too. A members friend Sister Kumagai's friend who is really close to baptism, has been listening to the Book of Mormon!
Also her husband found and is getting a bit more interested in the church. Only problem is, is that he can't hear. An obstacle that somehow we will overcome. This week we are really close to doubling sacrament meeting attendance again! The normal is 8 but we got 6 people to church this last Sunday! We also had some one come from the stake which brought us to 15! Really great none the less!

I hope you all have a great week! I love you guys!

Elder Harvey