Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Transfers! (6/19/17)

Hello Everyone!

So this week in the adventures of Elder Harvey we have transfer week!  I will be staying in Shinoro!!! And I have a new companion. His name is Elder Bachman, and was my previous ZL (zone leader). My last companion (Elder Thurston) swapped with him and became a ZL in Elder Bachman's old area. I haven't really gotten to know him yet though as I have been sick all week. It's kinda funny though because in my district (there's me and my area's sisters and Higashi's elders and sisters) all the senior companions were sick with the same thing. The only thing really to note is that I may have developed allergies and on Saturday we had Basketball! Of course I went ham and then felt even worse the next day. (^_^;) But oh well, I am going to an allergist today and hopefully will get better by tomorrow.

(As a side note, Elder Harvey mentioned that you can't just get over-the-counter drugs for simple things - even Tylenol.  Everyone has to go to the doctor or the hospital.  He went to the hospital for his allergies and received "an Army's worth" of medicine and it cost him $12.)

Love y'all

Elder Harvey

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