Thursday, December 21, 2017

Christmas party and goodbyes (12/18/17)

Hey everyone! I hope you all have had a wonderful week! Once again somehow a few days turned out to be a week. This week how fast time has really gone has finally hit me. This last Tuesday was our zone conference. It was absolutely amazing and I learned a lot! President McClure is the best leader that could possibly be here. We learned a lot how to bring more miracles into our mission and have increased our drive to do so. At the end of zone conference though, we have all the dying missionaries give a testimony. What really hit me though was that one of my MTC district sisters was up there too! It's official starting today that all my sisters will be done. It really doesn't feel like they should be leaving yet but that time has already come.  Pretty soon it will be me up there and I will probably feel like it's a bad joke of some sort.

This week we also had the Christmas party which was really awesome!  Before the party started we had a non-member volunteer to come early and help with the set-up. We very gratefully accepted his offer. What we had not expected though was for him to turn out to be a self-referral. We met this guy in the grocery store and he called out to us. It turned out he was a friend of a member. We exchanged numbers and a few weeks pass and he shows up and is like I would really like to hear more about your church. He is an awesome guy who has gone from church to church trying to find a faith he can really believe. What he was most impressed about our church though was how often we use words like "love, appreciation, amazing, thank you" and so forth. It was a really great lesson. As for the party, a lot of people came and it went really well! As the missionaries we did the "Helping Hands" comedy performance. We did it on the daily life of a missionary. It went really well and we were able to share a message on Jesus Christ and the meaning of Christmas. At the end of the party we gave Books of Mormon in which we had members write their testimonies and wrap as presents to the people who came in attendance. In all it was really great and really tiring! The best kind of day.

That pretty much sums up my week. The rest of the time was mostly spent finding or preparing for the Christmas party. Anyway I hope you all have a great week leading up to CHRISTMAS! I'm looking forward to writing to you all again on Christmas (Monday).

Love you,

Elder Harvey

The Hakodate Zone Conference (a regional training meeting for missionaries) took place this week and the mission president's wife posted pictures on Facebook.  Here are some with Zach in them.

The Dentist (12/11/17)

Hey everyone! This week has been pretty short thanks to Temple Pday but SO much has happened! To start things off, the temple is just amazing! I was able to meet with a bunch of members from all the places I've been to. It was great to see a bunch of my friends again! I also got invited back to Moiwa (first area). There's a rumor that if someone invites you to Moiwa you end up going there. So I just might end up dying there like my breaker did (he was also a Moiwa bean). I also got to talk with some people from Shinoro (most recent area) which was great!

The next day I was on Splits with Elder Hess. Not a whole lot happened but the one thing of note is that attached to our apartment is a card shop. We were able to talk with the people inside thanks to my knowledge of Magic the Gathering.  Sometimes really weird things just come in handy. (笑)

Then things got crazy on Friday. We had our weekly planning session but just as we were ending Elder Kikuchi decides to floss. As he is flossing I just hear him start repeatedly saying in a loud voice "Elder Harvey" I quickly walk over to find him holding a filling and a part of his tooth. Luckily there was no bleeding or any pain but that afternoon was pretty much us trying to find a dentist to go to. So we go to the dentist and are there for about an hour and a half just for them to tell us to come back again, because Elder Kikuchi's tooth is rotten in the inside. So we just move on, go to Eikaiwa (English class) for nobody to show up and made a an advertisement video for the Christmas party.

The next day (Saturday) we go back to the dentist and they work on Elder Kikuchi's tooth for about 30 minutes and tell us that we have to come back 3 more times all about a week apart. Poor Elder Kikuchi has to wait for his filling until it's all over. Then we continue dendo. We found some special mochi (rice cake) only sold in Nagoya and went to a ramen shop named Ikki. Just about everyone we have talked to has recommended this store, now I know why. Then we also had a Facebook class for the members on how they can help us on Facebook and how they can dendo for themselves on Facebook.

Then Sunday rolled around. It was a really busy day. We had Church, the Christmas devotional, trying to make appointments with members, and more. As usual Church is CRAZY for missionaries. We also had a dinner with an investigator family. They made us lasagna. It was really great because we also had a bunch of members there. In all it was a great time and we had a message about the meaning of Christmas.

Anyway this week has been awesome and very exciting. I love you all and am thankful for all of your guys' love! I love you All! Merry Christmas!


Elder Harvey

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Christmas and Hosts! (12/5/17)

Hey everyone this week has been so fast! It's really starting to look a lot like Christmas here. Mostly because of how much it snowed yesterday.... Though the members are getting really pumped up for Christmas here. I've already helped put up 3 different Christmas trees! It's really great to see that no matter where you go that the Christmas spirit is alive! It's really a special gift we have been given to be able to celebrate Christ's birth in such an amazing way. I have been really glad to see how well people are reacting to the light the world videos, it really brings a lot of happiness to everyone who is a part of it. Truly happiness comes from forgetting oneself and working to help another!

This week a ton has happened (as you can expect from it being longer than a week X) ) and a new month is here! I've been on three splits this week which has been really fun. Weirdly enough though, on one of the splits we were called by an investigator to help him move and made an appointment with him. Though he never showed up for us to help him with the appointment he made. We also haven't heard from him since...really makes me wonder if he's alright or not. We also were able to talk with an amazing member family that day as well which made the day amazing.

My companion and I are also working really hard to clean up our area book and we found an awesome high school kid and his family from it.  They have an awesome name too which means ash field. We also had a ping pong tournament which was really fun! Although it wasn't quite the turnout we were hoping it still went fairly well. From there we went to help a member put up their Christmas tree and had a great time with them.

We also found quite a few interesting people as we were finding (although it really is inevitable that you find weird people as a missionary). We found this one really sweet catholic grandma who really wants to learn English for some reason. We also found out that on her husband's side of the family everyone is Mormon! It was really bizarre especially since missionaries have never contacted her before!

We also found a host that night. If you are wondering what a host is imagine a girls bar. Now instead of girls it's guys so basically its a boys bar. He is a really cool person though and has stopped working as a host.  We also talked with another member family and it turns out the Husband is a total Star Wars nerd! He even had some small figurines, which is how we found out. In all it has been a really awesome and interesting week!

I hope you are all enjoying the Christmas season and can always feel the love of your family, friends, and those around you! I love you guys!


Elder Harvey

Pink Stew, deer burgers and other delicious food! (11/27/17)

Hello Everyone I hope you are all doing fantastic this Thanksgiving season! We have had a great time this week with our White Thanksgiving! I never thought I would even dream of a white Thanksgiving let alone experience one. Although that doesn't mean I'm not happy to have winter come under way. Anyways, This week has passed by in a blink of an eye. This week consisted a lot of being at the church though. We started off the week with a thanksgiving feast as a district! We had a lot of great food like stuffed mushrooms, Chicken (no turkey X/ ) and the like.

This week I also had splits with Elder Burton again! He is an awesome missionary. We also had a thanksgiving lunch made for us by our amazing new convert Sister Yui! Her husband made us deer burgers with homemade buns, salsa, and smoked cheese! It was delicious! She also made us clam chowder which was a special bonus for me! Also we had an activity with the young men which went really well! The power of Gatorade attracted 4 potential investigators which was amazing! I also made home made French fries which were a hit as well!

We also had a lesson with an investigator family which went really well. They made for us a pink stew. We had heard about it the last lesson we had with them and all week were able to make contact with them through guessing what was in it that made it pink. (Not strawberry syrup.) It was actually squid and shrimp that made it pink. It was really good! In all a lot has happened, snow is here and I'm really excited to be doing a lot of snow shoveling again. :) 

By the way this week is temple Pday so I won't be emailing till Wednesday!

I love you all and am thankful for all of your guys' support! 
Elder Harvey

A short video explaining what raining cat's and dogs means. I learned from this that I can't English anymore. I have completely gone engrish mode.  (Also serves as a public service announcement forth English class the missionaries teach.)


Picture Dendo! (11/20/17)

Hey everyone! I hope all of your guys' weeks have been great! It's crazy to think that Thanksgiving is this week! I hope you all have a great time celebrating this year with your families or friends! Today we had a Thanksgiving district party which was really fun! No turkey but plenty of other delicious Thanksgiving food! I hope all of us can see the things we are thankful for more in our lives as we approach Thanksgiving!

This week has been a lot of trying to find new investigators. We started trying to do some new contacts since we have Line (kind of like Skype but a bit cooler and more hi-tech). We have been going around and talking to as many people as we possibly can and trying to hand out as many Books of Mormon as we can. Recently we have also been taking photos with all the people we contact! Everyone that we talk to has been super awesome people! We have been trying to contact a lot of High schoolers and College people recently. We have met some pretty awesome people that we hope will become strong investigators.

We had an interesting experience this week as well too. This last Thursday right after we got finished with splits with the AP's My companion and I forgot our keys. Our keys were with the other Elders by accident so we were locked out of our apartment. So we decided to head out once more and try to find some people. There is a card shop that is attached to our apartment so my companion and I decided to see if we could find anyone there. We somehow accidentally got into a conversation with someone that knew the missionaries because he has been streeted a bunch of times but has always rejected the missionaries. However this time he listened to our message, gave us his line, and we decided that we should go out to dinner sometime together. It was quite a miracle that we were locked out of our apartment, though we were late getting back X3 Anyways I hope you all have a great week and feel a spirit of love as you search out and find things you are thankful for! I know that as you look for things you are thankful for your day will be brightened!

Elder Harvey

Oh, by the way it is finally winter here! My face is already frozen. Everyone in my apartment is already using thermals except for me (I'm too tough for that XD) Though I will need to start breaking out some winter gear like scarves and the like. You probably already know but I don't have much hope in the near future of getting out of the negatives (of Celsius not sure about Fahrenheit anymore) We had a snowball fight after church yesterday with all the primary kids! Haha anyways I hope you all enjoy the winter!

New comp, New area, but same ole Eniwa (11/13/17)

Hey Everyone this week was transfer week! To my surprise I was transferred out of where I was. But even more surprising was that I transferred down the hall of my apartment! This transfer I am working in the Eniwa Elders 2 area. My old area is being white-washed by the Elder that I am replacing and his new bean (brand new missionary). That's right, I traded places with an Elder in my apartment. My new companion is the other Elder that was in my apartment, Elder Kikuchi! He is a Japanese Elder from Tokyo and has been out for quite a while. He is quite famous in this mission for his love of pigeons. He is also a black belt in Karate and overall a very fun elder.

This week consisted mostly of Elder Smith saying good-bye to everyone in the area because he is being transferred to Obihiro. It was really sad to see him go but we had a really great transfer together! Then I caught a pretty bad cold which really sucked. Though the Lord blessed me with the strength to keep going and I was able to get a lot of good done this week. It has been really interesting to transfer just down the hall because now the area just seems so different. We have been working really hard with an investigator who is pretty close to baptism and have been doing a lot of knocking on doors. I am looking forward to really seeing this area grow and doing the Lord's work! I hope all of y'all guys have had a great week and are safe!


Elder Harvey

Fire and Steel (11/6/17 part 2)

(In response to a message about missionaries in Germany leading up to WWI discussed in the book, "Fire and Steel", Zach wrote the following:)

That sounds like an awesome book, I really respect missionaries like that. It certainly takes a lot of courage and faith in the Savior to make it through discouraging times as a missionary. This week we watched Meet the Mormons and I had a similar experience. It was the story of the WWII pilot who started the candy drop. They never talked about it but the story so clearly stated the hope that comes with Jesus Christ's and Heavenly Father's plan vs the despair that Satan's plan brings. The little children whom the pilot met said that they were ok because they would have food someday (eternal life) but keep fighting so that they don't lose their freedom. If they lose that everything would be over. It just so clearly brought into my mind the importance of the Savior in our lives and how by Himself He changed all of our lives. In the story the man also got a lot of help and the candy drop spread and eventually brought down the blockade and stopped further war. Likewise Missionaries are needed to spread the good news of the Gospel so that people can come unto Him and partake of this amazing gift. 

Elder Harvey

Ice cream in Japan

The First Vision in Japanese that I wrote out.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Transfer week! (11/6/17)

Hey everyone! I hope all of your guys' weeks was amazing! My week has been really awesome and really busy! A lot of changes have come as probably many of you have seen already. So This last Wednesday was our zone conference and a lot of things have changed in this mission. I was super excited for all the changes and even more excited when I heard what they really are. One of the biggest things is that we have been approved to use social media such as Facebook. We will be using these new tools to be teaching people more effectively. It is especially helpful for Japan, almost everyone is on Facebook or Line (basically Skype)! We are already seeing tons of miracles from this.

We also have a new focus on finding people through teaching people about Joseph Smith's experience in praying to God for the first time.  It is really touching to see how people react to the message and how powerful of a message it is. The Holy Ghost is so present teaching these people that they have a loving Heavenly Father who wants them to come to know him.

So as such a lot of this week has been setting up these new social media tools and trying to find new people. Though there have been a lot of other cool things. Like we had Stake conference this week! It was amazing, and all the talks were awesome and talked a lot about missionary work. Another big change was that we have been asked by the Mission President to go to the Saturday Adult session. The Stake Patriarch really got on everyone and related a talk about how all the missionaries were pulled out of Europe at one point and how the members need to step up. It was a really great talk to end the session. Then we tried to get home but a bunch of things happened, first we missed our train by literally 3 seconds. Then to try to get back before 10 O'clock we took a super fast train and then waited at the platform only to find out our train had been specially switched to the track we wanted so we missed another train. Unfortunately, we did not make it back before 10 O'clock. X/ 

We also had a birthday party for the other Elders as their birthdays were the 3rd and 4th. It was a lot of fun! We had a dinner party with an investigator family and some members. We also had a movie night where we showed Meet the Mormons in Japanese. It was a pretty good turn out of investigators and members. It was really interesting watching it all dubbed in Japanese, and understanding all of it. :3 In all it was a really good week! There were a ton of miracles as we taught about the message of the restoration. Truly it is a special message that rings into every person's heart.

I love you all and hope you all have a great week. Oh, and transfers are this week. Pretty sure I will be transferring out and my companion will get a new missionary. 10 new English speaking Elders are coming in. In all 17 new missionaries will be arriving tomorrow! What a great time to be a missionary here in Hokkaido!


Elder Harvey

Halloween party, Baptism, and Tequila (10/30/17)

Hey everyone this week has been super crazy just as the title sounds!

So much happened since I last wrote. This week started off with super crunch time to get our Halloween party ready on time for Saturday.

Though all of our hard work has really paid off. It went super well and everyone was super happy that they were there. Especially since one of the Elders in my apartment was dressed up as a beloved children's character named Doraemon. Everyone was asking him for pictures. Even on the way home to the apartment (which is a train ride away) a bunch of people stopped us for pictures. We had a haunted house, Minute to Win It games, Trunk or Treat and we did a flash mob of the Thriller dance. 

We also had a sudden baptism the next Sunday.  We were told about it on Tuesday and we all freaked out. It was one mom of an investigator family. It went really well. She has such a strong testimony and the whole proceeding was just amazing. Also this week we went to some member and investigator families school festival thingy. The 4th graders were doing a musical trip into America. They played My Old Kentucky Home, and Tequila. They were super good. We also had 5th grader and 6th grader people so we watched those and we were all just blown away. The 5th graders played some awesome music like Pirates of the Caribbean (they even played on Accordions) and the 6th graders did a play. In all it was a super great week! 

Also today is my Zone conference and we will be doing training for social media!  I am so looking forward to using these amazing tools for dendo! We are getting something called Line which is going to be so awesome! Anyway Love you guys and hope you all have a great week!


Elder Harvey

Temple P-day (10/25/17)

This week was crazy, maybe I'll have time next week to tell you guys all about it. Haha. But seriously though I have run out of time. Just wanted to write you all that I love you guys and know that God loves you all. He is always looking out for you and trying to reach out to you and those around you. Truly as you follow the spirit's promptings you will be doing a greater good than you can begin to understand. 

Oh also it snowed this last Monday. Well, more like a blizzard/typhoon.  Started as a typhoon but ended as a blizzard. Anyway we had to walk through the typhoon/blizzard to go get influenza vaccine. I absolutely love Hokkaido with all its crazy though. Turned out to actually be a fun trip despite the particles of ice ripping at your skin. Then we took a taxi home... Basically the blizzard got worse and we were like oh no. Truly a good decision if I say so myself. Also I won't be writing until next TUESDAY because I will be going up/down? to Muroran for Zone things. Love you all


Elder Harvey

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Soccer, at night (10/16/17)

Hey everyone, I hope all y'all guys' weeks were great! Things here are going really great! This definitely has been one of the most interesting areas I have had so far on my mission. Probably also the biggest in terms of where we actually go to proselytize. :) I am so thankful we still have bikes, I am not looking forward to another walking winter.

Though a lot of changes are coming up soon so this winter will be VERY different than last winter. Though none of it is quite all that official. On another note this week has been super interesting. We had a bunch of appointments this week so we were super pumped.  Unfortunately somehow they all fell through but we still made the best out of things and tried to find more people. WE even got stopped as we were stopping people to talk to. We were just walking down the street when we were stopped by a missionary of another religion. We had a really interesting talk with him about how our religions were actually very similar. It also turns out that he was a super old investigator.
Unfortunately it didn't really end up going anywhere but it was still a funny incident. It was so interesting to see how God reveals things to people to prepare them for the whole truth and how much God loves all of his children. 

On another note, I finally felt like Elder Perry.  We played soccer with a bunch of middle school kids which went really well. We gathered a bunch of investigators to go play and found some more kids to play with. By the end we made pretty good friends with them and they all want to come to the Halloween party. Though what was really funny was that we were playing Soccer around 5-7 but the entire time it was just pitch black. I had no idea who anyone was because it was so hard to see. Though in the end it still went really well. We also went to a youth member's birthday party (turned 12) and she invited a non-member and some other investigator friends. The youth here are just awesome missionaries already. In all this week went super and was a ton of fun.

Love you all so much and hope you all have a great week.

Elder Harvey

Eniwa Chitose! (10/9/17)

Haha sorry I spent all of my time emailing a bunch if people. A lot has happened this week but not too sure what to say. Monday we visited with this awesome middle school student who we are hoping will get baptized. Tuesday we had Eikaiwa (English class) and I went to this delicious Nepal curry place called Mount Everest. Wednesday we met with this middle schooler again and taught him the plan of salvation but before we realized it, it was already 9:20 so we had to scurry on out :3 whoops, but following the spirit is always what's most important though!

Thursday we biked a ton (our area is HUGE!!!). Friday, something happened I'm sure. Saturday was General conference which was amazing and we tried to meet with a less active member but her husband doesn't really like us haha. Also General conference which was awesome! I really loved the Saturday morning session! Sunday was also General conference and we got an investigator to come to the morning session which was really great! Though we passed him over to the Japanese Elders as we were watching in English. :3 Sundays sessions were also amazing. I learned a ton but I think one of the most important things we were taught as a church was the importance of sustaining leaders.
Truly that is of absolute necessity. Even Jesus Christ was  sustained as he went through the Garden. I'm so glad to know the reality of revelations and the importance of our actions and their relationship with opening the windows of heaven larger into our lives. I hope you all had an amazing general conference too!!


Elder Harvey

Eniwa-Chitose (10/2/17)

Hey everyone! This week was transfer week! I was transferred to Eniwa-Chitose! I am still in the outskirts of Sapporo! I have yet to leave this beautiful city! Leaving Shinoro was super sad though. After being there for half a year I got to know a lot of the members really well. I really felt like a member that was moving. Though I am looking forward to serving the Lord in this new place. I am also finally back to being in a 4 elders apartment. I haven't been in one since Moiwa.  Now that was a long time ago haha.

Elder Harvey

Friday, September 29, 2017

Basketball and Splits (9/25/17)

Hey everyone this week has been a really great one but I don't really know what to talk about haha. I had splits this week with another Elder named Elder Bailey that was a lot of fun. We found a new family to teach which was really awesome! Me and Elder Schulze also found an old investigator to play basketball with. It was a lot of fun yet a little weird because neither of us have ever seen the guy before. We just texted him 2 days before and told us he would love to come. We have also were able to get him to think about taking the lessons again which was really cool. I also got to see the ward mission leader from Moiwa which was really cool. Absolutely one of my favorite members on the whole Island. We also taught a few people this week which went really well. We also biked through some really heavy rain which was kind of fun despite being on dirt back roads. Haha. I also sewed for the first time in my life so there is another mission accomplishment. Though this week really has been overall awesome. Elder Schulze and I really saw the Lord guiding us through revelation and we just happened to always be in the right place and the right time this week. In all it was a pretty cool week.


Elder Harvey

Monday, September 18, 2017

Elder Gay (9/18/17)

So much has happened this week, yet it seems like we almost did nothing. The week started off with Pday where we went to Hitsujigaoka observation hill. Or in understanble language the Boy's Be Ambitious statue. It was still as fun as the first time. Probably because I had the chance to eat Ezo prefecture deer. I must say that deer is actually pretty good, but still second to horse. Then Tuesday was eaten up by our district meeting, travel, and Eikaiwa (English class). Wednesday was even weirder. We had lunch with a member and when we get there there's like 10 people (members and less-actives) there. It was kind of packed. We taught the message of the restoration which was nice though. Then we had interviews with our mission President which was supposed to be at 4 but ended up being pushed back until 6. So we were at the mission office all after noon seeing how we had to take a train at around 2:30 to get there on time and didn't get home until 8:30.

Thursday was the same craziness that it always is. We had our weekly planning session and Ward mission council. I also got a 30 minute lesson from our ward mission leader on Japanese. He pointed out to me where I was making mistakes and gave me some suggestions of what to study to improve. He really wants to see my grammar cleaned up. He says as soon as I do that I will be Japanese because the rest of my Japanese is so good. At the same time it's so good that it makes my current mistakes worse because then people don't know if I'm really making a mistake or not and get confused. Or in other words I lost my foreigner powers because the rest of my Japanese is too high level. XP 

Then Friday was mostly a normal day. It was all normal until Eiken English class. Our Ward mission leader brought in a new book for us to use to help people practice reading and writing. We also have a member who is a proctor of the Eiken exam who was taking notes on our teaching the whole time (because we asked him to, so we could improve). Then Saturday was EVEN WEIRDER! Normal day except that it kind of wasn't. The day started out with us trying to fix the sisters punctured tires and somehow I ended up sweeping rocks out of the parking lot of their apartment complex. I also ended up being the one to fix the punctures because my companion gave up. X3 Then we went and housed in a town kind of far away and couldn't even make it through one block (which is a good thing)  because we spent most of the time talking to this one lady about the missionary lessons. Then we had to head back to the Apartment to change to go to a broadcast of a meeting of Elder Gay. And it was absolutely amazing. We also had Stake conference the next day and got to hear another talk by Elder Gay. And now we are in the middle of a typhoon. Wish I had more time to talk about what I learned form Elder Gay but running out of time so if anyone has any questions feel free to ask.


Elder Harvey

Thursday, September 14, 2017

花火‼️‼️‼️❣️ (Fireworks) (9/11/17)

今週花火ありましたよ!There were FIREWORKS THIS WEEK!!! This week has been super busy and super awesome and I don't even know where or how to begin!

We had a zone activity of which I have no pictures haha. It was super fun and had a bunch of awesome activities. Then we met an awesome PI (potential investigator) who said he wants to read the BoM (Book of Mormon) with us! Tuesday we went to a college and got the people there to post our English class flyers throughout campus which was really nice of them. And we taught an American about the Gospel. Wednesday we went up to Toubetsu and I found Japanese Fruit by the foot!!!! I was absolutely ecstatic about that one. We also officially got a Less-active member into activity and handed him over to the ward. Thursday we set up for an activity on Saturday and set up for a last minute idea of a church tour to be going on during the activity. 

Friday we had Mission tour! Elder Gay (the new area president over the Asia north area) came and talked to us. It was absolutely amazing! I wish I had a video of it to rewatch!  We talked a lot about the prophecy that Elder Eyring made about 19 years ago. Now with an addition of a temple in Hokkaido this land is just waiting to explode with missionary work! Normally temples have 17 stakes to fill them, but currently we only have 3. And some of the branches have as few as 6 members.  Though I am certain we are about to see a really big change here. 

Saturday we had an swap-meet like thing. It doesn't really translate well. Basically bring unused stuff and take other people's unused stuff. We also had an awesome miracle this day as well. It was late at night and we were going to visit a PI when we felt an impression to go to a member's house on the way. The members were good and we talked with them and got fed suddenly which is always nice but when we left we weren't really sure why we went  Then we went to the PI's house and there was no one home :(  Right as we were unlocking our bike this man comes walking down the street and introduces himself as the husband of the house. He takes us along to where his family and 2 other families are watching the fireworks. We had a really great time talking with them and have a strong possibility of teaching these families! We also made the understanding that among the people we first met was the wife of the house and a different family was there visiting who we thought were the people who lived at the house. ANYWAY, the fireworks were spectacular. There was one that was making waves with the colors changing, really impressive.

I love you all very much,

Elder Harvey

Themed pictures for the activity.  First theme is sports/funny.  Theme of second picture is super powers (ours was running fast).

Mission Conference (Zach is center of top row)

Food for Mission Conference

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

It's been a while.... (9/4/17)

Sorry about last week.  We were running around like chickens with our heads cut off. Trying to first even get a train to get to emails and then had to shop and make a subsequent 2 trains. Though we were fortunate enough to be invited over to dinner that night. Sadly enough I am running low on time......again. Big things that happened this week is that we picked up an old investigator who wants to be baptized. We got a really old investigator picked up and showed him what prayer was like for the first time. I gave a priesthood blessing which increased the desire of the person who wants to be baptized to be baptized. He quit smoking. We had a huge party last night with members at which I made peanut butter banana bread. Other than that it has been a lot of finding recently but people are starting to come out of the woodwork!

I love you all and hope you can see the blessings in your lives!


Elder Harvey

I haven't had blow pops or gum for that matter for over a year now. Needless to say I had a ball! 

Hi!!! (8/31/17)


This week was great have literally no time so.....sorry


Elder Harvey

With mission president and companion.

Zach is back row, 4th from the right.

Top center.