Wednesday, June 7, 2017

I'm 20! (6/7/17)

Whoops sorry I forgot to mention that this week was temple p-day (meaning he wrote on Wednesday instead of Monday).  Haha. Though I legit have no time cuz I was sending replies to personal emails.

Quick rundown. This week has been awesome. This last Sunday was my birthday and we got fed by a member because it was Fast Sunday. It was also the member's b-day on June 1st so we had cake. Right when we were about to sing happy birthday, the member's wife who is also a member asked if there were any other b-days in June. Timidly I said that today was my b-day and the members were like WHAT! and the sisters had forgotten and their faces just looked so sad and almost guilty. It was kinda awkward. We also got an appointment for next Sunday with a less active which has turned into a dinner. We found a new investigator, had a huge Eikaiwa (English class) and lots of stuff happened. Sorry this is short, Next week I will write on Monday and maybe put more information in.

Love you all,
Elder Harvey

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