Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Transfer week!!! (5/29/17)

Sorry this email will probably be a short one considering I have little time and little to say. This week was transfer week and a lot of weird stuff went down and yea I'll explain.

Mon: We had dinner at the bishop's house which was really great! I asked the bishop how he met the missionaries and his response was showing me a video called, "To the Temple." It's a super famous video among church members here in Japan. It's about the Sapporo Temple, but more so about Bishop's story. It was quite a dramatic response to my question. Also everyone was shocked that I had yet to see it. (But I have been busy :( ) Anyway It was a great time talking and really fun.

Tue: Last spurt of dendo for my dying (going home) companion. We found an awesome old Investigator who told us we could come back once he finished remodeling his house. We offered to help but he was like "I can't even help there is too many people here so go talk to people."

Then at Eikaiwa (English class) something really funny happened. The sisters held a farewell party for Elder Tomioka. The thing is though they got one of those huge spoons used at weddings? for me to feed him ice cream. They took a video but I haven't received it yet so I might send it next week.

Wednesday: Transfer day, also Elder Oaks (one of the Twelve Apostles) came. So the entire mission met up to hear Elder Oaks, Elder Gong, President Nakatsuka, and their wives speak to us. It was absolutely amazing and I learned a ton from these speakers. Also I got to say hi to a bunch of missionaries and Bye to a bunch of missionaries, including my dad. Elder Larson officially died and came through Shinoro yesterday but I didn't get to see him. Though Bishop made me play a mean joke on him through the phone. >:) I also got my new companion Elder Thurston. He is from Colombia/Utah.  He grew up in Colombia until he was 12 when he moved to Utah. In Utah he met with missionaries and he and his family joined the church. Yes he is fluent in Spanish and English.

Thur-Fri I accidentally gave my companion food poisoning. Well I guess he gave it to himself but, I made ribs on a frying pan which doesn't work well so he ate it raw while I re-cooked mine. He got sick I didn't.

Saturday: He was still kinda sick but that afternoon-night we played basketball. I was the only one who got hurt, of course. I got a bloody nose by being run into by an investigator. Then I got hit in the head with a basketball which made things worse. Yes I decided to keep playing even though my shorts were ruined with blood.

Sun: Church, new dendo shunin (mission leader), sisters were sick, and went to the bishops house for dinner, again. I found out I like umeboshi which is a super sour plum.

Anyway I love you guys and hope your week is awesome!!!


Elder Harvey

Pictures from a few weeks ago - Boys Be Ambitious.

Japanese soft serve!

A dying missionary gets ready to go home.

Farewell to my "dad" who is going home.

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